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60 Years

of service 


Our Mission

A Community Association with a Ministry to People (CAMP YDP) has provided a safe haven for children and families for over 60 years. A Hope Center, located  on the north side of Paterson, it is our belief that “demographics do not determine destiny!” We work in partnership with parents, administrators, and the community  to create a caring environment where all children can grow and learn by providing dynamic, fun enrichment programming for our after school programs and full day summer camp. Our goal is to provide opportunities for children and empower them to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of society regardless of their age, race, gender abilities or financial circumstances.


Over 60 years ago the late Rev. Maxwell Tow was called to the Northside of Paterson to handle some “complicated problems” and “great concerns.” Paterson like most of the country was experiencing a time of civil unrest. Race relations were strained and majority of the city was living in substandard housing. Rev. Tow along with other local pastors, laity, and volunteers made their mission to become active in the community and reach out to people and families in need. During his tenure he and organized various groups and organizations to meet the needs of this underserved population. Although many of the organizations have fizzled and died out, CAMP YDP, now a hope center of A Future With Hope, has prevailed and continues to remain steadfast in its mission to provide high quality affordable childcare to the families on the Northside of Paterson.

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